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FLIBA’s function is to help leaders in the construction industry gain the necessary leadership skills to create more efficient and productive enterprises. FLIBA aims to develop the education programs in the construction industry across national borders and between local educational entities. The project has the following aims:

  • Ensure a higher standard for recruitment and development of future building and construction industry leaders, through better education programs and facilities
  • To provide education and facilities to allow current and future building and construction industry leaders to work more internationally



FLIBA has a budget of 2.1 million Euro of which ca. € 1 million is from the EU Program for Territorial Cooperation, known as Interreg. IVA. The project has also received financial support from the Municipality of Oslo, Akershus and Västra Götelands region and in addition, the project partners' own contribution. The cooperation is for a three year project which runs from 1st of January 2011 to 31st of December 2013.


For more information contact:

Projectleader in Norway: Øivind Eriksen-Vik, Norges Byggskole, oivind@byggskolen.no, +47 90 64 48 85

Projectleader in Denmark: Jesper Hvidkjær Pedersen, KEA,
jhvp@kea.dk, +45 24 48 45 55

Projectleader in Sweden: Bert Luvö, Chalmers tekniska högskola, bert.luvo@chalmers.se, + 46 31 772 19 52